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Introduction to the enterprise
    The company was founded in1999Years,The registered capital8000Million yuan,One of the core members of fujian quantum group。In 19 yearsIs committed to providing customers with chemical products supply chain solutions,In fuzhou、Quanzhou、Has opened a branch in xiamen,Sales and service network throughout all regions in fujian province……..
Business philosophy

Measured by moral our behavior

To develop our quality with service

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       Warmly celebrate fuqing city federal chemical co., LTD. Access to the national ministry of commerce of urban and rural market monitoring market information acquisition unit!Fuqing city federal chemical co., LTD. Nearly 20 years based on the practical business philosophy,The good faith management、Tax contribution and credit;Customer service range point polyhedral wide,Has become one of the chemical industry benchmarking enterprises in fujian province。The countries strengthen public information service,Stable market supply and demand of data acquisition release policy,By the ministry of commerce of urban and rural market monitoring platform into the important means of production(Chemical raw materials/Products)Market information collection system。And enjoy the rewards and state subsidies! The ministry of commerce perfect monitoring system of urban and rural market development,In the service of macro decision making、Respond to emergencies、Stabilize the market supply、Guide the enterprise management and the residents' consumption has played a positive role。This system has wide monitoring、The monitoring indicators、Monitoring of high frequency、A new monitoring method、Many characteristics such as information achievements,Is the national publishing industry information,An important tool to guide the industry development。
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Investment cooperation

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