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Quanzhou JingLong machinery co., LTD,Brand“Respect of machinery”,Is located in quanzhou city of fujian province Invertors okanagan valley area gathered industrial areaD-7Number,Is one specialized is engaged in the technology,Mold design field staff training manufacturing plumbing sanitary ware products complete sets of equipment。 The main products are:Gravity casting machine、The double automatic core machine、Vertical shoot core machine sand mixing machine、Zinc alloy casting machine and pneumatic clamping、Plane grinding machine, etc。 Company to purchase equipment manufacturer to be free training professional technicians,The aim of skilled to faster。 We always insist on the quality…
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JD300Hot core box shoot core machine site operation to film
Quanzhou JingLong machinery co., LTD. Introduction to video
Automatic aluminum alloy casting machine video scene shooting The latest aluminum alloy casting machine manipulator Unmanned watering
The best automation casting machine manipulator video
Automation of gravity casting machine video
Up to dateJD600Aluminum alloy casting machine video
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  • Contacts:Mr. Li
  • The ground  The address:China quanzhou okanagan valley area invertors beauty industry gathering areaD-7
  • JD-AB500Gravity casting machine Water meter The tap is special casting machine Casting equipment
    JD600Aluminum alloy casting machine Tilting casting machine Casting equipment
    JD400Aluminum alloy casting machine Gravity casting machine Casting machinery Video
    JD600-ZAutomatic double core machine Water heating machine Precoated sand core machine
    JD700-5KAluminum gravity casting machine
    WorshipJD-AB500Gravity casting machine Casting equipment Automatic casting machine manufacturers
    JD361-ZAutomatic shoot core machine Precoated sand core machine The casting equipment wholesale
    Low pressure casting machine Low pressure casting equipment manufacturers High quality low pressure casting machine wholesale
    JD300Hot core box shoot core machine
    JD650The shell core machine
    150kgThere are core power frequency induction furnace
    JD-200-IIISand mixer
    JD-AB500The copper aluminum gravity casting machine
    JD600Aluminum alloy casting machine
    JD361-AAutomatic shoot core machine
    JD400-ZAutomatic shoot core machine
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