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The nanyang agricultural machinery co., ltd. was founded in tseung kwan o1976Years,As the domestic agricultural machinery manufacturers,Long-term focus on tillage sowing machines such as agricultural sector,Constantly develop meet the requirements of the era of advanced technology and products,To provide high quality service for the customer。Rich fine life actively create basis for mankind。The current leading industries in the field of tillage sowing class machines,With independent intellectual property rights45Items。Participating in drafting tillage sowing machines and national standards,Is the rotary tillage sowing machinery in our country、Variable speed rotary cultivator、Variable speed joint tillage machine invented unit production,Product coverage in China26Provinces,1991Years has been the President Yang shangkun as a national gift given to Mexico,Exports to many countries of the world。 2014Years2In the Australian nanyang agricultural machinery co., LTD imported from Japan the lean production technology、Process、Equipment and management philosophy,To set up and the Australian nanyang agricultural machinery co., LTD。We will work with the central plains people hand in hand,Build a energy saving in nanyang、Green、The modern factory of environmental protection。 A better world,From the heart of Thanksgiving!The Australian nanyang agricultural machinery co., ltd. will be excellent quality、Reasonable price、Good prestige、Perfect service,Create a harmonious environment between man and nature,In order to promote China's agricultural machinery and equipment industry to do strongly does、Happy for farmers,Enjoy farming,Rich life and make unremitting efforts。

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