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Jinzhong city yu new cable co., LTD. Is a wire and cable products of professional manufacturers.Strong technical force,Has a perfect production、The test、Inspection equipment and good environment,And a set of scientific management system。
The company has a production cloth wire,All kinds of shielded wire and cable、PVC insulated wire,General rubber set soft cable、Flame retardant、Fire-resistant wire、The cables,Automotive low voltage wire and cable,As well as a variety of special wire and cable according to customer requirements。Widely used in machinery、Electrons、Petroleum chemical industry、Automobile manufacturing、Construction and other fields.And enjoy high reputation。

My company from beginning to end adhere to quality first、Reputation first、Service first corporate purposes.From raw materials into the factory in the whole process of products and customer service,Implement standardized management。

According to the requirements of the quality system,We are going to do,Do what we write,Remember what we do.In order to get used to"Continuous quality improvement,Scientific management to climb forever"The requirements of enterprise sustainable development。

Looking to the future,Yongjin cable with sincere after-sale service、Professional achieve mastery through a comprehensive sales team,Powerful logistics distribution、Plenty of cable inventory for the general customers to build a solid and reliable credit mechanism and good fast、Purchase and marketing platform。Continue to adhere to、Coordination、Health、The development of science policy,The formation of industrial diversification、Development of the scale、Management specialization、Business regionalization、Management of the industry pattern of differentiation,Have a healthy financial structure and enterprise core competitive advantage。Strive for in the shortest possible time“Into forever”Struggle in cable industry outstanding brand。
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