The company has10The software technicians years software development experience、The latest management concept of administrators and software analyst at high experience。Under these professionals developed specifically for the leather production enterprises、A complete set of large software sales management(ERP),System consists of the following and other characteristics。

Order delivery management system

Order delivery management system is to improve clothing shoes and hats order delivery efficiency,Lower order missing、Do less、Made a mistake and bring unnecessary costs,And the delivery system is to solve the clothing shoes and hats industry hair wrong、Leakage、Frequent headaches。

Store management system

Store management system can improve the efficiency of store management,Plug the hole cash loss may exist;As the company management in the production unit、Price positioning market decisions provided in a timely manner、Accurate、Rational data。

Factory production management system

Factory production management system to the production plan as the main line,To the enterprise manufacturing all kinds of resources for unified planning and control,Implementation of enterprise production resources effective integration,Is a scientific production resource management mode。

Card printing system

Barcode module can easily and efficiently in the printer from the system to print the barcode。For clothing enterprises,Barcode tags printing is a very headache thing。Often appear wrong bar code、The situation of the wrong price,Cause unnecessary loss of the company。

Raw material finished goods warehouse management system

For the warehouse charge、 To send、 Storage、 Tube made reasonable rules, In order to ensure the unqualified raw materials and finished goods is not put in storage、 Don't send out, When storage is not bad、Don't damage、Don't lost。Provide warehousing management efficiency,Provide convenience for enterprise development。

Comprehensive financial reporting system

The system to provide the financial statements、Report query、The report for review、Statements LianZha、Statement analysis, and other functions,Through flexible、Rich access formula,Help enterprises to quickly and accurately access from all systems,Provide a basis for the analysis of enterprise management。

Integration management.

Blue software establishing clear responsibility and power、Process control distribution system,Realize information management in the true sense。Purchasing and supply management、Basic information、The warehouse management、Store management、VIP management、System management、The financial management、Relationship management、Report management、Distribution management、Distribution management、Commodity management、Procurement management integration respectively,Clear overall。

We are many of the world500To be strong、Group and the long-term partner of listed companies,Hundreds of excellent well-known cooperative enterprises trust and support,Witness the blue's development and achievements。The software for the blue,Specialized clothing management software(ERP)。

Human nature

Specialized clothing management software.

Cooperation,Share collaboration,Win-win situation;Professional,Focus areas,Perseverance;The good faith,Honest and trustworthy,Lixin for this;Innovation,Science and innovation,Keep pace with The Times;Passion,Love the job,Sweat。

Security、The complete system planning and design

Companies in product research and development of high investment,Numerous practical applications,We have the corresponding creativity and rich experience,It will be good for you to solve the problem and the difficult problem of guarantee。

Advanced、Professional technical support

The company many first-class talents deep bond,The latest technical discussion of the spirit of stubborn,Enables us to guarantee to provide you with the most professional applications,The most professional services。

Perfect、Rapid after-sales service

With the fastest speed、The most effective method、The effect of the guarantee system of the most advanced technology to the limit,Remove your worries。Enable enterprises to more efficient、Scientific operation。